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Personal Information
Name: Landon Y'lhyll (revealed later on in the story)
Nickname: Sully
Race: Human; Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Story Role: Main Protagonist
Occupation(s): United Earth Divisions Agent
Alliance(s): Earth Divisions Confederation, Rebellion Army

Body: Appearing to be that of a young man in early to mid 20s
Height: 6'0 / 182cm
Weight: 160lbs / 73kg
Head Hair: Dark gray; short and rigid
Facial Hair: N/A
Skin Complexion: Warm tone of pale
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Details: Can be seen wearing a camouflage green (solid colored) long trench funnel neck slim overcoat followed
by a matching pair of darker colored twill jogger pants. Atop his head rests a gray and black hat with ear flaps.

Combat Experience
Signature Weapon: N/A
Base Job (Class): Soldier
Abilities: Superhuman strength, Superhuman senses, Superhuman speed, Toughened skin, Enhanced reflexes, Enhanced durability

Biography: Sully is a relic of history's tragic events that led to the beginning of the
Interstellar Colonization. His duty was to defend and help fortify the Earth's nations and
to carry out the orders given to him by the United Earth Divisions Confederation

The young man's own personal tragedies have unfortunately led him to become incapacitated
long before the war even began. Having almost all but his very essence of life taken from
him in a traumatic incident, Sully managed to survive after being rescued and taken in by a
secret society that mechanically rebuilt some of his body structure and well being, but
also used artificial human ligaments to help him gain stability for both structures of his

Personality: As an agent of the U.E.D.C., strict rules and discipline were embedded into
the soldiers. The specific division that Sully was a part of was a special unit where the
most harsh and death-nearing practices were instilled into the soldier there.

Sully's training and mission experiences have gradually made him become nearly mute, only
answering to a few select people. This being the case that (according to the practices of
his squadron) any information leaked was considered a failed mission. His unit was trained
to be of, and quote, "A ghost; a withering spirit come to sweep up any and all disarray
caused by the living.". This leads him to become quite the typical quiet type until he
later meets people who he can trust.

Sully is calm and rather kind-hearted and respectful, despite his occupation. He follows
the orders given to him with unwavering loyalty, even if it is to take someone's life away.
He is proud in his abilities and strength and enjoys testing and pushing them to their

Trivia: Sully's physical appearance shares a stunningly similar design to that of The Captain
( It is implied that Sully's character creator
was inspired by The Captain's design.
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Sprites in different styles: Which style do you guys like the most?

1.) ImageImage
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