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Personal Information
Name: Unknown
Nickname: Isaac
Race: Human; Esper
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Story Role: Skeptic; Lone wolf
Occupation(s): Seller/Traveler/Guide
Alliance(s): N/A

Body: Appearing to be that of an average teenager, slightly shorter than most
Height: 5'5 / 165cm
Weight: 125lbs / 57kg
Head Hair: Pale blonde, slightly long and partially messy
Facial Hair: N/A
Skin Complexion: Pale
Eye Color: Hazel
Details: Can be seen wearing a small, long sleeve dark gray shirt (right sleeve is cut-off), followed by partly damaged/ripped short cobalt jeans and warm brown boots. He also carries what appears to be a technological cyborg-like eye patch covering his right eye. On his back, following his shoulder blade, there are letters on the skin that spell out "A-X". Another noticeable feature is the black shoulder strap being worn atop his left shoulder. The boy's entire right arm is made out of anthracite coal with shards of peridot embedded into it.

Combat Experience
Signature Weapon: Anthracite arm
Base Job (Class): Test Subject
Abilities: Telekinesis over some objects and materials, mineral and earth manipulator (can pick up and form rocks, dirt, etc. anything with minerals in it)

Biography: Raised by an elderly woman, this young man had lived an ordinary life as an orphan. The old woman in charge of his care, believed that Isaac had become an accidental science experiment funded by an undisclosed organization created in order to enhance humans so that Earth could one day be claimed by humans again. Rumor has it that the test subjects of these experiments usually have some sort of code of letters branded somewhere on their body. At the age of 9, Isaac had witnessed the death of his caretaker due to an incurable sickness she had been suffering from for a few years prior to her demise. This unsettling emotional tragedy had sporadically awakened telekinetic powers stored deeply within Isaac's mind. From that day on, the boy trained his mind in order to control his new-found powers.

Personality: Shy and timid, as well as being easily frightened and hot-headed, Isaac may seem rather weak-hearted at first and not fit for battle, but the adventures he conducts help him to deal with his insecurities. His emotional state also plays a big role in the activation of his telekinetic powers, as he is still learning how to fully control them. Despite the frailty that lies on the outside of Isaac's personality, he is always willing to help in any way that he is able to, as well as care more for others than himself.

Trivia: Isaac's combat experience and nickname both play a reference to one of the main protagonists in the Golden Sun series of the same name; Isaac. In the Golden Sun series Isaac is a Venus adept. Venus adepts naturally use powers that revolve around manipulating the earth. Another similarity is that both characters use telekinesis (to some degree); although in Golden Sun it is called Psynergy, in which an adept can generically move objects with a giant (invisible) glove, unseen by non-adept. Also, in the first installment of Golden Sun, it is specifically pointed out (in the game) that Psynergy is in fact not a part of Chi, which can then be assumed that it is a part of some form of telekinesis.
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