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Race & Species Guide

Postby valelow » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:42 pm

This is a guide that will help you familiarize with the races and species being used in the game. Races are used to describe characters while species are used to describe common enemies.

List of Races and their meanings and/or origin:

- Human: One of planet Earth's natural inhabitants. Most humans reside on planet Earth, although some humans have built civilizations on space stations that orbit their solar system.

- Cyborg: Cyborgs are a sub-race of humans. They carry both living flesh and mechanical enhancements. They are not robots nor are they androids.

- Esper: Espers are another sub-race of humans. These people are genetically enhanced humans who were used as test subjects for science in order to artificially create telekinetic powerful super humans. The project ultimately failed with a severe backlash of wiping out a substantial amount of the human population in some regions around the globe. The humans pushed technology too far in hopes of creating the "perfect human" to win the war against the Sentinels, which ended up backfiring on them because of an unknown deadly virus that spread within the experiments and caused fatal biochemical reactions, ensuring their demise. Descendants of the first generation of Esper currently still roam the Earth, mostly being secluded off from society in fear of another outbreak. Espers are generally looked down upon and are treated poorly and unfairly.

- Sentinel: Beings of the purest light who cannot be seen with the natural eye nor sensed with any natural or technological receivers. It is believed that these beings are on a higher plane of existence and can only be seen if they so allow themselves to through physical manifestation. These are the travelers that came to Earth peacefully to which humans responded back negatively and eventually caused the war between the two races. Having almost destroying the human race, the Sentinels had realized how impure and neglected the Earth had become, and in so, decided to cease the war and rebuild the dying planet. Sentinels did not allow humans to interfere with their restoration process of Earth, to which they put all human life into captivity and stripped them of most of their technological advances.

- Sentinel Providence: A story passed down from generations upon generations of Sentinels that depict a being whose death was revitalized by it's own will and thus regained a higher consciousness that allowed the being to transcend onto higher planes of existence and be reborn as the first Sentinel.

List of Species and their meanings and/or origin:

- Human: Common enemies who are humans. Usually scavengers who will try to mug anyone for anything worthwhile or practically useless.

- Hologram: Illegal technological trajectory of lasers that form a pre-made holographic image. The lasers used can harm individuals, but the hologram itself cannot be harmed unless turned off via a control center.

- Earth (animal kingdom): Examples of these species would be dogs, cats, birds, etc. (To which case, you may simply put "dog" or "cat" or what have you).

- Machine: Functional robots or androids, as well as scrap metal and anything else regarding the use of mechanical wiring to power an object
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