Melody Notius the Musician - Side Character Suggestion

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Melody Notius the Musician - Side Character Suggestion

Postby Cookiegirl957 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:11 pm

Personal Information
Name: Melody Notius
*Nickname: Mel
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21

Story Role: Side Character
*Occupation(s): Musician
*Alliance(s): N/A

Body: Petite, skinny
Height: 137 cm
Weight: 65 kg
*Head Hair:Black, long and straight
*Facial Hair: N/A
Skin Complexion: Pale
Eye Color: Gray
Details: Wears a gray shirt, black pants and flats with a dark blue knitted poncho.

Combat Experience
**Signature Weapon: N/A
Base Job (Class): Musician
Abilities: N/A

Biography: Melody is a young musician who grew up in a small town. She dreamed of becoming famous and helping the human race. A craftsman met her when she was young and helped her with her dream by making her instruments. His name was Jackel. He made a piano in her house with her family, a flute, a violin, a cello, a harp, a trumpet, and a saxophone. After making all these instruments, he disappeared. Mel was greatly sadden by his disappearance, but became filled with determination to use them to create music in the world. She now goes from town to town, playing instruments in local taverns.
Personality: Mel is very reserved and quiet, using her music to express her feelings more than using words. When you first meet her, you get the impression that she’s someone not to speak to, but once you hear her music many can learn to understand her quietness.
*Trivia: Melody knows that her dream of fame may never come true. She makes songs instead of playing ones already made. Mel has played music as Gewndalyn tells stories, they’ve met a few times.

I want Melody to be a character the MC sees at taverns and inns, just performing with possibly little cutscenes with songs and music? Then, after the performance the MC can speak with Melody and she’ll give them a flute or something like that?
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Re: Melody Notius the Musician - Side Character Suggestion

Postby valelow » Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:08 pm

Lovely character. :)

And yeah, your last message seems like a job she'd do
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