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Personal Information
Name: Clara Morris
Nickname: N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Story Role: Minor bad guy; Traitor, Dynamic and Emotional
Occupation(s): N/A
Alliance(s): Possibly a connection with Isaac

Body: Quite petite and flat-chested
Height: 5'1 / 158cm
Weight: 115lbs / 52kg
Head Hair: Jet black with brown tips on her bangs. Wavy hair with a ponytail, french-braided in the back
Facial Hair: N/A
Skin Complexion: Creamy Toffee
Eye Color: Gray-ish Brown
Details: Wears a pink-colored shirt with a black heart-shaped design appearing in the front. Tight, gray jeans can be seen being worn by the young lady. A pair of branded letters can be seen on her right arm, but she tends to hide the markings by bandaging it up. Wears knee-high flat black boots, with buckles on them

Combat Experience
Signature Weapon: N/A
Base Job (Class): Unknown
Abilities: Unknown

Biography: Clara was born and raised in the high-class part of her society located at the Capitol of her region of origin. Clara's parents constantly bothered and forced her into being the "perfect little girl" that they wanted her to be. Not being able to take much more of the verbal and mental abuse, Clara ran away from her home and found shelter in the slums of the city. It wasn't long until she realized how hard it was to live on the streets of the city so Clara turned to a stranger who had offered her a place to stay in exchange for her body being scanned for any anomalies (and secretly injected with a serum).

The young girl has yet to make contact with her parents. However, she continues to move on and through her own adventures within her region in a search of what she believes will be her destined role in life, after having talked with an ominous fortune teller back in the slums of her city.

Personality: Mostly seen upset, but when complimented or charmed by a bit of both comic relief and flattery, she can usually be seen with a faint smile, chuckling in a very light tone.

Trivia: In-game, a cat can always be seen within the vicinity of where the player finds Clara; any events regarding Clara is tailed with the same cat in the midst of the event(s). It could then be assumed that this cat is actually her pet to which she doesn't mention, yet talks about how fond she is of cats.

Clara will make cameo appearances in some scenes to which the player may not be aware of, at the time.
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